Maverick 22km Trail Race

Yesterday I took part in the maverick races event in Buckinghamshire. It was an absolutely fantastic event from start to finish and I loved every second of it!

To date I have run no further than 17km and I have only ever done that on 2 occasions. I was nervous about running the ‘Long’ 22km route. I was confident I could get it done but I didn’t know how much it was going to hurt.

The event started at 9am. We arrived at 8.15, got ready and ate some Huel and a Cliff bar before making my way to the start line. It got underway exactly on time, meanwhile the temperature reared its head at a whopping 30 degrees. I had a pretty simple plan for the event. Just finish! All i wanted to do was run easily and not over complicate anything. I just wanted to make it round and cross the finish line. I had no time goals, no pacing strategy and no nutritional plan other than to eat often, not bonk, and finish.

As soon as we started we climbed high on to the ridge line. It was a mix of exposed field margins and wooded sections to amend to the top. The views were incredible, and once up there I found my rhythm. I settled into a simple slow pace and just kept moving. The atmosphere was amazing and everyone was super nice.

The kms ticked by and it wasn’t long before I crossed through the 10km barrier. I felt great at this point. The slow pace was paying off. I passed through the first hydration station at 8km and filled up my water cup and snacked on half a banana. This keep me going for a bit longer. The heat was rising and it was super hot any time we left the woodland and headed out into the open fields.

21km was a big moment for me. My first half marathon! This is a distance that I never thought I would be able to run. Ever since I started running I have suffered with knee pain. A 10km was always my limit, so 21km pain free felt incredible. I put this down to a few things, stronger, more stable hips, activated gluteus that actually work like they are meant too and slightly altered running form.

It wasn’t long before we crossed the 21.5km barrier and I could hear the finish line. The noise of the cow bells echoed all around. I came round the corner and into the finishing area. WHAT A FEELING. My first Maverick race, my first half marathon, and my first trail running event all in one. I am hooked! Thank you Maverick Races for a fantastic event. It was brilliantly organised and perfectly routed. It felt like a real adventure.

Check out the video on my YouTube channel

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