Filming Kingfishers Mk 2

I have been lucky enough to have yet more time in a tiny tent perched on the edge of a river in Cornwall. My target? Kingfishers!!

They are crafty little things, but once you have settled in and are in tune with their calls, and they habits, they become nothing but a waiting game.

With pairs around the county pairing up and digging their first nests at the moment, it is tough times on the rivers. The males have their work cut out bring food for the females while trying to keep fed themselves.

I will be following one pair through the year. I cant wait!

#kingfisher #kingfishers #cornwall #samstewart #samstewartphotography #hide #photographyhide #wildlifephotography #canon #5dmk3 #macrokingfisher #Sam #Stewart #cameraman

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