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I have just been spending a few hours on my website when I found a blog feature that I can add directly on to my site. I thought I would give it a go and hopefully on here I will write about some of my favorite images and films and a bit more about the process I have gone through to take them.

I have had a very crazy past 12 months and recently I have moved to Bristol. This was mainly so that I am closer to the world of wildlife production. Its going to be a great year and I have my fingers tightly crossed that I can break further into the industry over the next 12 months. Im living just off whiteladies road. If you are in the area and fancy a coffee let me know!

The above image was a shot from my phone during an interview with a Maasai 'Big Cat Conflict Officer' in Tanzania. His job is to report and document all cases of livestock predation in his district. It was a fasinating project to work on and one that I will write more about on the blog.

This image was another from the last 12 months. Diving in the kelp forests of cape town looking for the incredible 7 gilled cow sharks. A truly amazing species that we were lucky enough to get close up views of. More on that soon.

#wildlife #photography #diving #bristol #cameraman #photographer #sam #stewart #tanzania #maasai

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