When trying to find, get close to and eventually film wildlife, having the right kit for the job is very important.

I am very fortunate to be supported by Vanguard I am currently using a wide range of their products. The gear they produce is solid to say the least. I am very thankful for their support. 

I have a range of Equipment that is available for hire. Please click the button below to see the price list. 

Endeavor ED II

Since I received the ED II, I have been using them in the field basically non stop. They have a strong build, they are great to hold and have really good quality optics. 

The focus system is what really makes them stand out to me. Its sensitive and allows you to quickly pull focus from far to near. This allows quick and accurate examination of a landscape. On a recent shoot near Abu Dhabi I was tracking Dugong from a boat. It was a great test for these binoculars. They handled the bright reflections well and focussing on moving subjects from a moving boat was so easy.  


The speed of focussing is what makes them so amazing. Being able to lift the EDII to your eyes and be focussed and ready to go in milliseconds is incredible. This makes all the difference sometimes when trying to capture wildlife on camera.

So far they havnt left my side whilst I have been in the field. 


Life as a photographer and cameraman involves a lot of traveling with often very expensive equipment. Sometimes the most valuable part of your kit is your hard drives. Newly filled with all your recent hard work, they simply have to be kept safe during traveling and whilst on location. 


I took the XCENIOR 41T on a recent TV shoot in Oman. It's primary job was to keep my computer and hard drives safe as all times. On the plane, in transit around airports and in the back of bumpy land rovers whilst exploring nature reserves. 


The bag was 'on point' from the beginning. A good solid build, customisable inserts and zips that felt secure enough to last a life time. I set about changing the lay out of the interior to fit my needs. It's easy to customise the Velcro tabs and in no time at all I had a compact, study and ready to use data management bag. 


The entire trip this bag was perfect. With it being on wheels it is very easy to navigate airports and it was safe in the over head lockers on board. 


Before I explain this next story, I need to tell you that I had back ups already......Im not an irrisponsible data wrangler who only has one copy! However, even though I knew I was fully prepared and there is not a chance of loosing anything, it was still a hair raising incided and the bag saved the day! 


On my last day in Oman and actually the last car journey we took. I was carrying 15tb of footage ready to take to London for editing. As we arrived at the airport the local taxi driver flung open the boot to quickly and without caution. My bag fell 5 foot from the bus on to the road, smashing into the Tarmac. Just by the way it bounced I realised that everything inside would be fine. Sure enough, laptop, hard drives and a couple of lenses were still in perfect shape.

Endeavor Bag 1600

I have now been using the Endeavor Bag non stop in the field for 3 weeks.


Its incredible and I am sure will be part of my essential gear for years to come.  

Its comfortable, has great capacity and is hugely adaptable. It can carry all our spare batteries, memory cards, water and other essentials for this shoot in the desert. 

The foil food pocket on the side is awesome and gets used daily. The tripod pocket on the bottom has become a water bottle holder. 

Canon 70-200mm f2.8
Canon 7D MKII

What should I say about this lens? 

All I can ever say is that it is 100%. Pin Sharp, great variable focal length, incredibly fast, small/ lightweight.......

You get the idea, that list could go on and on. 

It wasnt long ago that I purchased this lens and since I did, it has become one of my most used lenses. I take it everywhere with me. There is not a bad word to say about this lens. 

Its priced fairly highly, but that is due to its incredble build quality and razor sharp optics. The 70-200mm f 2.8 is stunning to say the very least. 

My main camera when im shooting stills. The MK2 is an awesome body to have in the camera bag. Its great for a range of different things. From low light stills to HD video. This camera can do it all. 

I picked this camera up just before I went to tanzania to shoot some films. It was my main video body for the shoot. 

The main attraction for me as a 'one man band' cameraman out there was the great sound options that this camera has. It allows you to plug in microphones and headphones to monitor sound levels. This is a feature that the previous 7D did not offer. 

I used RODE wireless mics to record some amazing interviews with maasai warriors in the bush. The sound was fantastic but the images this camera produced where off the chain. Pin sharp video, saturated colours and all of this made super easy but the cameras amazing controls and ergonomic design. 

The Ridge Wallet

Since I have been using the Ridge Wallet I have never wanted anything else. 

When I first saw it on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/ridgewallet/ - I thought it looked sleek and minimalist. I was however, worried that it might be too small. Its safe to say its perfect. It carries everything I need and nothing more. Due to spending a large amount of my time traveling and moving through airports its ideal to have all my essentials in a strong, safe and compact wallet. 

I really cant recommend this product enough.

RodeLink Wireless 

I bought the Rode Link Wireless Microphones in a panic before a trip to Tanzania last year. I needed microphones and I needed something reliable, small, and good on batteries. I was going to be working in remote spots doing interviews with some incredible people.

I found these on sale and went for them. They instantly impressed me. 

I use them with the canon 7Dmk 2 or the Zoom H6 which I also own. They are discreet and so far the sound quality they produce is perfect for my needs. 

I recently used them to record a sync peice from a drone. I plugged them in to my H6 and recorded the sound remotely. They I synced the sound in FCPX. 

Inov8 Mudclaw 300

I have been using the Inov8 Mudclaw for a few months now after getting them originally for a cross country race. 

They quickly became my shoe of choice in hot countries or when I need something super light weight. 

I am writing this from the field in UAE. I have been putting these shoes to the test out here in the wet, the dry, heat and humidity. They are holding up incredibly well. 

The grip is un-matchable in my opinion. Some of the terrain we have been in is incredibly tough. Waterfalls and rocky rivers. These shoes cruise over the wet rocky surface with ease. 

If you do not need a lot of ankle support and are after a pair of shoes that weights practically nothing then these are top recommendation of mine. 

Mountain Equipment Lightline Down Jacket 

I recently purchased this Mountain Equipment jacket. Its warmth is what attracted me and its not let me down. Its incredibly warm in cold weather. I have so far tested it to -25 and its awesome. Its got a tougher outer layer than most down jackets and it can withstand the forces applied to it whilst carrying gear and bags. I have been field testing this kit whilst working in Alaska and I have to say I am seriously impressed 

Its lightweight nature allows it to be compressed right down into a tiny bag, perfect for travel and keeping luggage to a minimum. 

Highly recommended. Possibly too warm for autumn in the UK but once winter sets in this jacket comes in to its own. 

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